传奇电子游戏cq9维护时间important changes to our  beginning sunday, june 3rd, 2019 will now be $50. due to a decrease in availability, clients will no longer be able to book appointments for the weekly special more than one week in advance of the desired appointment date. beginning april 22nd, 2019 in our nyc salon, clients will no longer be able to book appointments for the weekly special during the weekdays between 6:00pm-8:00pm est.

The $50  is announced each Saturday by 12:00pm EST on our Instagram page, . Appointments can be booked online by visiting kzyd687.cn/appointment or calling the salon at (646)-410-2928.

传奇电子游戏cq9维护时间please follow the hashtag  or turn on post notifications on instagram for  to never miss an announcement!

传奇电子游戏cq9维护时间should clients wish to book in advance to secure an appointment of a desired date and time, bookings for “gel manicure w/ simple nail art” are permitted.  please note, an upgrade to the  design will be required for this booking. upgrades can be a base color, stones or studs or additional colors. we apologize for any inconvenience. please call the salon if you have any questions, (646)-410-2928.

Nail Art

gel art manicures are priced depending on complexity, time, and embellishments used.


vanity projects requests 24-hour notice of any cancellation, rescheduling or service change. in the event of a no-show, the following cancellation fees will be assessed: for basic salon services and one color gel manicures equal to the service cost. for any other service a mean price for the entire service will be assessed. we have a guideline of what these fees are so please ask when booking if this is unclear.


should damage to your manicure occur, the salon must be contacted within 7 days of your initial service to receive a complimentary nail fix. this excludes any nail breaks that require an extension, in which the client is responsible for payment in full. any damage reported after 7 days will be repaired at cost.


additionally, fees also apply to service changes. client will be charged the difference for downgrading services without proper notice. this includes circumstances where client lateness is the cause of the downgrade. in the event of a downgrade for a group of four or more clients, we require a 48-hour notice.


传奇电子游戏cq9维护时间terms and conditions

our existing clients can receive 20% off when they refer vanity projects to others (who have never been to the salon).

In order to qualify for the discount:

- Referred guests must be new传奇电子游戏cq9维护时间 clients, their contact information can not already be in our system.

- existing client’s name must be mentioned when booking over the phone or in the notes when booking online.

Please note:

- in order for existing client to receive the discount, the new client’s first appointment must happen first. for example, sam refers meg to vp. meg makes an appointment for march 15th. sam can not redeem credit prior to march 15th. if meg cancels her appointment, sam does not get the credit.

- 20% off referral discount can not be applied to the weekly special or other discounted services.

- in the instance of group appointments, if our existing client books a group appointment with multiple new clients she can combine all credits. for example, existing client bring 5 new clients for a group appointment so she can get 100% off!

Additional Limitations:

- in the instance that an existing client wants to combine her discounts or comes in with a group of 5 guests which would total a 100% off discount, the comped manicure will be capped at $150.

传奇电子游戏cq9维护时间- new clients who wish to be part of the vp ambassador may receive their 20% discount only after they have completed their first appointment. discounts cannot be given at their first visit.